About Us

Chitwan Gaida Lodge is standing and serving as one of the Chitwans professionally organized expert escorted wildlife resort. It used to be named as Skyline Jungle Camp but since 2007 the management has been changed and Chitwan Gaida Lodge was upgraded to one of the finest place to get wildlife experience leading with countrys experienced tour leader(ornithologist) and other friendly helpful staff members.
Tika Ram Giri (Managing Director)
Tika Ram Giri was born at Sauraha on the edge of the Royal Chitwan National Park. Tika's knowledge of the birds and mammals of Nepal is vast and has been gathered over many years and by much hard work. In his ten years at the Royal Chitwan National Park he established his expertise, ultimately becoming the senior naturalist. He is a great companion and no ornithologist knows Chitwan better than Tika and no one else has seen as many species there.
He has travelled and trekked widely all over the Indian Subcontinent leading many groups. Tika is an owner of Chitwan Gaida Lodge. He also leads most of Nature Safari Tours . As one of the very best Nepalese naturalists the insight he is able to give into his country's culture and traditions is excellent and informative and makes any trip to a truly enlightening experience. Tika has conducted a number of birdwatching identification activities in all over Nepal. He has recently found the Small Snowfinch, in Ladakh and Vinous- breasted Starling at Koshi in Nepal as a new species for the Subcontinent and Black-naped Oriole Oriolus chinensis, Moustached Warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon, as a new species for Nepal. He has seen more then 800 species of birds within in the country. He has also organized Bird Identifications programs for guide at Chitwan twice and there were more then 40 guides participated on the bird identification.
Chitwan Gaida Lodge Team
Everybody here is to help you with any queries you may have in every adventure and home stay.